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Apr 7, 2015

Launch postponed due to change of venue

The original venue and date of the She-Enjoys launch has been moved to Wednesday 6th May 2015, at Kettering Golf Club, Northants BOOK NOW for just £35! 

Launching a new membership and events business isn't altogether easy, or I guess everyone would be doing it if it was as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

During the months of frustration bringing my vision to life, I have received some valuable lessons that I'd like to share...

Firstly the most important part of holding a women's only event is the timing of it! Be careful of Bank holidays and children being off school as during this time 'situation is not normal' for the lives of busy mothers and business women! In fact, for some businesses pause.

Secondly the flexibility, understanding and co-operation of the venue is paramount. I originally chose a plush, 'stately home' type place which was rather exclusive (which equals expensive). Apart from me literally begging for dates and use of their main hall for the day, negotiating the table size I wanted and meals, they wanted me to pay a large deposit to secure dates for the year. I would also need to pay for all 30 women, 2 weeks in advance. Well, cash flow to any business is paramount, so paying it out before getting it in is a NO NO. Also, if 30 didn't book/attend, I would be liable to pay in full for all of them anyway.

Thirdly people get excited with you when you talk about a new venture and say they will 'definitely come', then as a few weeks tick on by, life happens to them - kids, work, partners, car problems, holidays etc etc. No matter how honest their intention at the time, they 'can't make it' on the day and will come 'to the next one... It's a bit like having a party and hoping people will show! So, it is essential to collect payment up front, that way there is more commitment and I'm not left holding the bill.

And so, it is fair to say, I have so far learnt some very valuable lessons. It is all part of the journey to the successful women's only membership network that I dream of and I am looking forward to the revised date of Wed 6th May 2015 at Kettering Golf Club, who have been fabulous so far! We can even choose our lunch from the hot dishes on the actual day!

Hope to see you there! BOOK NOW.


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