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Jun 6, 2017

Do you need more customers?

If you run your own business, or are responsible for sales in the organisation, then you need to generate leads and build relationships to get new business... How do you do this? How many marketing pillars? Have you tried business networking?

Networking works if you work it! It sounds simple to just rock up and chat to a few people and eat/drink and hand over business cards... It's not. You need a strategy!

I started and built my core business Vivico Recruitment Ltd​ to 6 figures + a team of 4 using business networking as my main marketing channel. I learnt the hard way. I spent lots of time and money 'selling myself' and I soon realised I had it all the wrong way round! I'ts part of the reason I started She-Enjoys, to network with the people I chose on a monthly business. Networking should be called 'making friends'.

I tried lots of local business networking groups and some of the better known National ones... 4Networking was a major part of my strategy for 4 years and I loved every minute of it. I've just had a year off to finish all my NLP training & coaching and now I'm back with 4N... looking forward to using my '100 day passport for £100' to visit groups and do 20 minute educational/motivational talking slots.

Have you been to 4Networking? Or do you network online? I strongly recommend it. It's fun, friendly, full of banter and people genuinely like and help each other.

Just click here to create a FREE 4Networking account profile (which is amazing for SEO to all your social links/website) and allows you to 'online network in the community and forum' for free! Will also give you lots of extended joining offers.

Come with me to a breakfast, lunch, dinner meeting, choose from 5000+ meetings a year – try it, I'm bloody glad I did? #4Nworks

P.S. This is an independent recommendation, I am in no way part of 4N or on commission :) sadly lol.

Networking works. Online and offline, have you seen the Attendee Directory on here lots of like minded business women buying and supplying!

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