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THE Supportive community for motivated women in business to grow, learn & thrive
viv welcomeProvocative Transformation Coach, Business Mentor & Founder of She-Enjoys; welcomes you to get out of your own way to enjoy your life and business!

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Be a Group Host

Are you a coach, mentor or trainer in personal development, business development or a business discipline?

Be A Group Host or Expert Guest and share your thing with hundreds of other women who need you!

If you are, and you would like to get involved as a Group Host or Expert Guest at She-Enjoys, please complete the blue form and watch the video of what I have to say about my vision for She-Enjoys; how we will all be collaborating to inspire, educate, motivate and support female business owners with a collaborative community.

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Key Points to being a She-Enjoys Group Host:

  • There is absolutely no financial investment
  • You will be highly visible on the She-Enjoys website, through our collaborative marketing + every other month, to lead a group of up to 30 energetic, motivated, enthusuatic women for a full, fun day
  • Your meetings will always free (saving you £45 a month) 
  • You can hold your own events at the same venue and She-Enjoys will collaboratively promote it with you via the website and online (saving you the time and hassle)
  • You will be an active, supported and respected part of a female entrepreneur development community
  • You will list share, not only with She-Enjoys; but the growing Group Host International network, enabling you to provide your training/products to other Groups in the network - that's alot of women to value and buy into you and your 'thing'
  • FREE bi-monthly She-Enjoys Group Host Coaching circle (UK & Europe) to truly learn from and be supported and mentored by some truly amazing and highly successful and visible women

To qualify to be a She-Enjoys Group Host, the area must be available, and you will:-

  • Already be a coach, mentor, key inspirer or trainer in a business environment or personal development. We have Life Coaches, Empowerment Coaches, Shamanic Teachers, Sales Trainers, NLP Masters, Business Coaches, Mindset Coaches, Online Marketing Trainers, PR Trainers, to name a few... 
  • Be willing to dedicate 12 half days a year to host and lead monthly groups in your area (12 month agreement)
  • Actively promote your She-Enjoys group on your travels through networking, events and online marketing
  • Ideally have your own workshops, products or training that you can deliver/promote to the She-Enjoys community
  • Have a supportive, collaborative, motivational, inspirational nature
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit and truly want to collaborate and help the business community

Be an Expert Guest to have an audience of 30 business women at one or multiple groups

We are sure you have something special to deliver to the She-Enjpys tribe and we woud love to welcom you.

You must have the capability to present to, engage, educate and hold space for a room full of women business owners and bring them new information to support their personal or business development journey.

This is an unpaid day. A great opportunity to be with up to 30 female entrepreneurs and demonstrate your 'thing', show your talent, build relationships and promote what more you can do for them by way of your products, training or services.

Would you like to be considered as a Group Host or Expert Guest?

Please complete the form specifying which geographical areas you would like to be visible in and what your theme would be called and cover, what is your 'thing' and how will it help us all?

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