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THE Supportive community for motivated women in business to grow, learn & thrive

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About us

Vivienne Joy - Bringing Business to LifeHello my name is Vivienne Joy. Welcome to my growing business network of inspired, talented and dedicated UK female entrepreneurs and career women.

As a regular on the UK networking, coaching, mentoring and public speaking circuit; I meet business owners every day. We have a few things in common... We need sales, we need to know the latest marketing trends, we need to keep motivated and to develop our skills, we need inspiration and ideas and sometimes we need support to overcome personal and business challenges to achieve goals!

My vision was born in March 2015 with plans to be 600 strong by the end of 2017 and to double by 2020. That's lots of women, helping lots of women, making friends with like minded people and a busy closed Facebook group so that members can support, hold accountabilities and communicate between monthly meetings! If you are a business woman, join us, you'll love it!

We meet monthly and network online. We know the benefit of time out of the business, to work ON the business (and ourselves, which is essentially the same thing).

We have fun (no stuffy hand clapping or formalities), we eat, we drink coffee, we learn from experts on a different business theme each month, we give each other ideas and inspiration and support the tough times in life and business. We're a team of business leaders and managers helping each other. It stops us getting lonely or feeling lost.

Our aim is to provide a motivational, inspirational, confidential space (online and in person) for business owners to bring their work and life challenges, share their concerns and ideas to be truly heard, learn new commercial skills, find strategic solutions and most importantly get unconditional support from like minded women locally and Nationally. A truly integrated, sharing female community helping each other to be successful in work and life.  

She-Enjoys is launching in main UK towns and counties such as Peterborough, Reading, Luton, Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Lincolnshire with monthly, 'full day' business meetings for you to attend locally. Check HERE to see our meeting locations. 

If there is not yet a meeting in your area and you'd like one (or are a coach, trainer or mentor and would like to run one), please EMAIL ME and we'll let you know when we are launching and how it all works.

About Vivienne Joy... She Enjoys Bringing Business to Life

This business network isn't really about me, it's about YOU! I'm the connector, facilitator and often the host; bringing in powerful and knowledgeable experts to local hand chosen venues.

Why this business you may ask? I enjoy all areas of business, I enjoy meeting new people, I enjoy communicating, I enjoy helping people to find their way in life and I REALLY enjoy eating lunch with individuals who see the world as a place of opportunity and fun!

I am a very sociable person, my friends, clients and acqaintances would class me as an entrepreneur and a connector. It is fair to say, I have created a lifelong business that I could enjoy being in every day of my life (hence the name). If you do what you enjoy, you never work a day in your life!

I found, through years of business networking and attending events, the ones I enjoyed the most and got the most value from weren't those that had 100 people in attendance, or made us stand up nervously and talk about our business, or meet stupidly early every morning with forced activity... I liked the smaller gatherings where I got to hear about the REALITY of owners successes, failures and challenges to ignite inspiration in me and my business.

I believe that after a number of years in the same business, you need an injection of energy 'Bringing Business to life and life to your business' and sometimes other talented entrepereneurs can be most effective in helping you... She-Enjoys is limited to 50 women (usually around 30 per event), dedicated to actively participating and really getting to know and trust each other as we work in smaller groups at each monthly support and education meeting. I usually trust people I get to know, when I learn not just how awesome they are, but their vulnerabilities and hidden talents.

Like many of my business idols, I started work very young. By 14, I was successfully selling via party plan (home co-ordinates and jewellery), working as a waitress in a carvery and on Saturdays in a shoe shop (I still love food and shoes and jewellery and home co-ordinates). My Dad wasn't too happy about ferrying me around, but I soon worked out that I liked to keep my mind busy and feel successful, plus I have expensive taste! There was no way I was going to end up with the limited funds that my parents had when I reached retirement age.


My Dad was a grafter, he was working the day before he died at 74 as a building contracts manager. He loved work but did so the hard way and not the smart way, my Mum never worked and didn't drive a car - she did however drive me, always saying "you'll never be successful if you work for someone else - start your own business - be your own boss!" I guess the internet brought opportunities to me that simply didn't exist in their days. Sadly, it wasn't until their death in 2002 and 2003 that I decide life was short and I should follow my dreams (or theirs for me). I like to think they are smiling with me as they watch my life unfold, saying 'You go girl, show them what you're made of!'

Over the years, I have worked for small and big companies in a variety of sales, finance, marketing and management roles and also started, sold and am still running a variety of small businesses, mainly focused these days around helping people to improve their skills, their earning potential and career through job boards, a recruitment and advertising agency and intuitive life and business coaching using NLP and spiritual direction.

If you want to know more about me, or indeed would like to chat, please connect with me on social media, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. I'm always happy to make new friends and acquaintances! I look forward to hearing from you... 

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