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THE Supportive community for motivated women in business to grow, learn & thrive
viv welcomeProvocative Transformation Coach, Business Mentor & Founder of She-Enjoys; welcomes you to get out of your own way to enjoy your life and business!

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Past Events

She-Implements LIVE ONLINE 'Accountability' Coaching Group

Date: 28 January 2018 10:00 to 12:00
Monthly LIVE ONLINE ZOOM ROOM Group to make sure that you get out of your own way to believe and achieve what you deserve.


If you have no accountability in your business, then you possibly won't create deadlines, there's nobody to ask why or when or what and you could just amble along doing what you've always done until you give up! Don't do that, there's another way!

For just £25 a month, join the ZOOM ROOM 'LIVE ONLINE' 2 hour She-Implements 'Accountability' Event.

A powerful and talented group of women who enjoy, not just being coached to understand any blocks they may be experienceing, but also celebrating the successes of live and business and getting support in the low points of life (they happen to us all, don't let them damage your esteem, confidence or income!)

Having spent many years Coaching, training and mentoring business owners, Vivienne Joy knows only too well what happens if there is no commitment, passion or skills provided to help goal setting and achievement. The business under performs, closes and the owner goes and gets a job!

If you feel like you are in your own way and not doing the things you said you would, knew you should and are transferring it from list to list, this group is DEFINITELY FOR YOU! You are not crazy, you are like the rest of us and there are a few reasons why you procrastinate and don't do what we said we would:-

#Reason 1: You don't know how or where to start or where you want to finish up (coaches call it clarity). If this is you, you also need the She-Learns Business Skills Monthly Online meeting too) 

#Reason 2: You are running beliefs that are sabotaging your success and keeping you safely where you are now (if this is you, you need this event and the monthly Mindset Mastery with it to shift your beliefs)

#Reason 3: You just need someone to hold you accountable and help you understand your reasons for not doing it

Whichever it is, or a combination, I am here with the She-Implements collective group to help you achieve with ease, every month. Together we are stronger.

When you book and pay, you are added to an attendee list and then just before the event, you are sent a link to join the zoom room platform, by video (on tablet, phone or PC), or by phone call, whichever you prefer. And then you are in and we are with you to make sure that you do what is needed. 

Book She-Implements LIVE ONLINE 'Accountability' Coaching Group now (£) [Go Back]

Our Expert

Vivienne Joy from EnjoyAbility Training & Coaching Ltd


If you need a kick arse, provocative Coach, Mentor and Trainer who has heard all the bullshit excuses and will help you dive deeply below them, to help you truly understand what is really stopping you and shift it, then you need Vivienne Joy. You need to be 'ViVVed'!

There is no escaping with this laser coaching technique, to make you truly accountable and make sure you implement and succeed in your life and business. if you want to rock up and stay in your current excuse making mode every month, then save your £25 and go to another Coach. 

The location

ONLINE ZOOM ROOM from the comfort of your home/office
ONLINE ZOOM ROOM from the comfort of your home/office,
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