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viv welcomeProvocative Transformation Coach, Business Mentor & Founder of She-Enjoys; welcomes you to get out of your own way to enjoy your life and business!

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Future Networking & Education Days

She-Learns Business Skills 'LIVE ONLINE' Group Event - Sculpting your Perfect Networking Pitch

Date: 16 January 2019 10:00 to 12:00
Monthly LIVE ONLINE ZOOM Group Training & Coaching Event to learn skills and get methods to take your business to the next level... With Vivienne Joy & Guest Experts


Often we procrastinate and make excuses to not do what is absolutely critical in business; and then wonder why we're not joyfully watching the clients, referrals, money and thank you cards and testimonials roll in!

If this is you, you are not alone. In fact, I am pleased to tell you that "You haven't got any special high level procrastination skills and are not going crazy". Phew, that's a relief eh!

You are, (shock newsflash), the same as millions of other business owners suffering with EntrepreneurITIS.

The joyful news is we can change it, I will help you and so will the She-Enjoys collective, you just need to click and book to come on the next Group Coaching & Training She-Learns LIVE ONLINE event!

In the meantime, let me help you understand your own brain and self talk a little... Reasons why you are in your own way (still)...

#Reason 1: You don't realise how critical the tasks are to your success

#Reason 2: You haven't got the time (see reason one as to why you don't believe it's that important)

#Reason 3: You don't actually know how to do the important and business changing thing and so you don't

Whatever is causing it, it must be causing you some problems or you wouldn't be reading my event copy!

So, what happens in the 2 hour LIVE ONLINE Zoom room? 

You click a link that is provided just before the session with a video enabled device like a phone, tablet or laptop, or you call in to a UK number and join without showing your face.

It's great fun, you'll get lots from it and the whole experience is very real... The opposite to a networking event!

Vivienne Joy, or a Global guest expert provides 45 minutes of training on a specific theme... You are then split into groups online to explore your challenges and needs with like minded business women, they've probably solved and experienced whatever you need and you all take away massive value from the experience.

We cover one subject per online event to include things like:- Sales methods, sales processes, online marketing strategy (how, what, who, when and what for), online platform usage and messaging, social media, content marketing, attraction marketing, business planning, goal setting, vision boards, measuring success, scaling your business, email marketing, CRM databases, creating your pitch, understanding your niche, prospect avatars, writing reactive copy, closing sales, marketing seduction strategies, message bots, generating leads, PR, Blogging, Video creation/editing, websites, landing pages, building communities, referral marketing, getting your business online, filling events, holding webinars, knowing the numbers, recruiting staff, employing staff, managing staff, merchandising and much more... 

So, if you need that and more for you and your business, whilst making great connections with like minded business women, join us for just £25 per month. Book now as spaces are limited.

Book She-Learns Business Skills 'LIVE ONLINE' Group Event - Sculpting your Perfect Networking Pitch now (£25.00) [Go Back]

Our Expert

Vivienne Joy from EnjoyAbility Training & Coaching Ltd


Having started, upscaled, closed and sold multiple 6 figure businesses for herself and others, Vivienne Joy has been there, seen it and done it over the last 25 years! Her lively, pragmatic, provocative and REAL approach to giving you the tools, knowledge and confidence to thrive in your business will be a refreshing change to 'standard, figures based business coaching'. Add to that qualifications and years of Coaching, you are in safe hands. If you need inspiration, motivation, knowledge and skills to do the stuff in your business that will really make a difference, then you need this 2 hour online event in your life!

The location

ONLINE ZOOM ROOM from the comfort of your home/office
ONLINE ZOOM ROOM from the comfort of your home/office,
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