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THE Supportive community for motivated women in business to grow, learn & thrive

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Monthly, high energy biz networking with like minded business women

Insightful education, direction, motivation and inspiration from world-class speakers & trainers

Experience the power of GROUP coaching, support & collaboration (with cake)

Personal & professional development programmes - YOU ARE WORTH IT!


she grows


  • Women only, monthly networking & group coaching mornings
  • Fit around your busy life, 10am-12.30pm (lots of cake)
  • No industry lock outs, no membership fees, no monthly commitment, just book and enjoy
  • A 'hand-chosen expert' will deliver a 30 minute, fun, interactive talk on a different personal or business development theme
  • You work as a group of 4 amazing women for an hour of coaching around the theme - you'll be really heard and supported to create solutions, feel inspired, motivated and energised - You'll LOVE it!

       Pay as you go £20 per meeting


she learns


  • Local, educational, affordable workshop days with like minded business women
  • 10am to 3.30pm (includes lunch)
  • Get a whole day with our business and personal development expert trainers! A day out of your business to work on it (and on yourself)
  • You participate in group coaching with other like minded business women
  • You leave with a clear strategy and new found knowledge and enthusiasm for the theme
  • Life and business changing stuff... Spaces are limited, so book early!

       Educational workshops £67 each

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she thrives


  • Be part of THE exclusive 'Thrive Tribe' - apply to be chosen as one of 12 per quarter year
  • Enjoy 4 hours of 'one to one' coaching with Vivienne Joy per month - HALF PRICE
  • Sessions focused around your mind-set, beliefs, behaviours, desired outcomes, life and business to help you get out of your own way and start thriving!
  • MasterCoaching sessions in person, Skype or by phone depending on your location
  • A quarterly commitment to master your mind and take control of your entire business 

      £200 per month - email to apply

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Event Locations

Attendees Love She-Enjoys

She-Enjoys is a unique online and 'real life' community of friendly, inspired, talented and dedicated UK female entrepreneurs and business owners who want to be super successful.

If you are looking for energy, motivation, inspiration, education, expert advice, new skills and fresh ideas for yourself and your business - we invite you to come along and meet other women just like you!

  • She-Grows Networking Coffee, Cakke & Coaching Mornings (£20) no lock outs, no membership fees, no enforced attendance - just PAYG (with cake)
  • She-Learns Education Days (£67) world class training workshops (with lunch)
  • She-Thrives 'One to one' coaching with founder Vivienne Joy (£200 per month) quarterly commitment to achieve business and mind mastery (just 12 lucky business owners per quarter)
  • COMING SOON '4Ability' Fortnightly, ONE YEAR life and business transformational programme (£100 per month) Online workshops, tools and workbooks to walk and talk you through major areas of life and business, allowing you the ability to achieve and enjoy success!
  • Coming Soon... We are proud to launch an online 'Outcome focused, content rich' self-coaching programme for business owners just like you. '4 Ability' is a 26 module, 1 year programme (Fortnightly) designed to walk and talk you step by step through major areas of life and business
    EMAIL NOW to be considered for the preview

I'm Vivienne Joy, I created She-Enjoys for women like us

I meet and mentor female business owners every day through UK networking, mind-shift transformational coaching, NLP training and public speaking. No matter how big or small your enterprise is, we have many things in common...

  • You love and believe in what you do - that's why you started your business
  • You never have enough hours in the day despite expertly juggling life, business and family
  • You need profitable sales and a reliable continuous business pipeline
  • You need an expert to show you the latest marketing trends to supply that pipeline
  • You need to keep motivated and develop YOUR skills rather than get lost in the day to day
  • You need inspiration, ideas and support - not just learning, but implementing it too
  • You could be missing the most simple strategy or process that would revolutionise your day
  • Sometimes you need a safe place to overcome personal and business challenges and blocks
  • You have BIG ideas to achieve BIG things!

You are in the right place! We are an AMAZING tribe of women who help and support each other. My mission to be holding events in all UK major cities/towns by the end of 2020... That's lots of awesome business women working together at meetings and via the very active Virtual Networking Facebook Group! Join us and network online.

She-Enjoys is currently in Northampton and will soon be launching in main UK counties. If there is not yet a meeting in your area and you'd like one, please EMAIL ME and we'll let you know when we are launching.

If you are a coach, trainer or mentor and would like to be a Group Host and become an intrinsic part of a growing network of inspired and inspirational, successful UK business women helping you to energise business, make alliances and learn new skills, then please get in touch. Click here to find out how you can become a Group Host.

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